Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Lesser Extremities of Darkness.

I kick this day off by continuing The Missing Diplomat quest. After obtaining an ego boost from Backus, I set out...

... Set out for Stalvan, that is.

After downing Stalvan, and leveling from turning in his ring, I decided to queue for Randoms while traveling for my Berserker Stance. I got there.. only two levels late. I'd have made it at 30 were I still actually a Berserker.

During these Randoms, I ran into a particularly awesome healer named Minipanzer. His mana pool was infite and his heals were huge, so we quickly began chain-pulling 1/3rd of the dungeons at a time and steamrolling them. We did 5 or 6, I think. I was the main tank after the first two. He assured me it'd be fine, and it was.

Stopping back by in town, I noticed another boon of the RP Realm. Again, she's wearing terrible, terrible gear. But it looks so damn awesome. That's a Ravager Axe from Scarlet Armory, and an axe from Outlands with the same model, but with Blood Draining. I had no idea Blood Draining looked so pimp. It radiates those red gashes in the air and flows across the blades. I recommend finding a video of it or something.
I should also mention that these people  in RP gear typically don't play full-time in this gear. They wear it around town and to RP gatherings, which you can find at almost any hour of the day somewhere in the World... of Warcraft. They usually have a "real" set of gear for PvP or Raids.

Shifting topics slightly, I must say, Glyph of Overpower is amazing. For some reason, the last step of the Theramore Deserter chain was like 5 levels higher than every step leading up to it, so I tackled their ship of Orange and Red rebel soldiers carefully, but quickly steamrolled them all, and took out their leader. All thanks to this sexy little glyph proccing overpower every time I got parried. Which was constantly. So it worked out like, Deserter: "I parry your 100-damage swing!" Me: "I Overpower you for 350 critical damage, which procs Deep Wounds!"

I then made it out to wrap up The Missing Diplomat, and enjoyed another fun Arms skill in the process. Retaliation gives you 12 seconds of instant auto-attacks to anyone that strikes you in melee from the front. It has 20 to 30 charges, I forget how many. But it does synergize with Sweeping Strikes in that you can pull multiple mobs, for example, Hendel and his two traitor buddies, pop Sweeping Strikes and Retaliation, and have all three of them nearly dead in about 6 seconds, because a massive two-hander automatically backfiring on your melee attacks hurts. A lot. And when Sweeping Strikes is up, it hurts your pal, too.

Following my awesome Overpower experience in Dustwallow, I though I could get an early start on my Whirlwind Weapon chain. I did pretty well, in my own humble opinion. I was taking down red mobs fairly easily. It didn't always go as planned (see pic below), but overall, I only died once in the 15 minutes it took me to farm 8 Burning Charms.
But 15 minutes is a bit much. So I started asking in general if anyone would be willing to help me out for 10g or so. I got an 80 Retadin that helped me with half the remaining charms for free, then a multi-boxxing Enh Shaman + SPriest, both level 50, helped me finish up for 10g. Money well-spent-imo.

Being an Herbalist, I gathered the Liferoot needed well before any of this. And I even gathered the 8 necessary by the river you follow to get to the quest npc! So even had I not saved 8 Liferoot from previous finds, I'd have got them just riding to the cauldron to turn my Charms in.

I wasn't quite feeling up to hunting down 30 Bloodscalp Tusks after reading that they had a 7-13% drop chance. So I did some Hillsbrad and Arathi quests to wrap up the evening.