Saturday, August 28, 2010

We begin our tale...

 ... with some exasperation.

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I've been missing the sixth quest, of six, for The Stockade, in Stormwind.

I've been missing The Fury Runs Deep, in particular.

Every other Stockade quest has a required level of 21 or 22, and this one is no different. However, it does have a prerequisite that requires you be level 25. I didn't know this the first three times I made the trip to this Dwarven outpost. They had grey exclamation marks starting at level 21 or 22, so I kept making the trip back expecting to be able to pick up the quests, rather than doing the smart thing and doing more research.

Lesson learned. One more level to go.

I hit up Raven Hill Cemetery to level up. But it seems I don't know my own strength. Impaled the poor guy.

My professions are Herbalism and Enchanting. Just to be a little bit more interesting than the usual combinations. Enchanting has been nice for keeping my bags empty of tons of green trash that I never get around to auctioning, while simultaneously boosting the stats on the stuff I keep. It's pretty sweet. Lifeblood has saved my ass numerous times already. I expect it to do so many more times. 

I decided that this particular herb, however, was not worth the trouble.

And at long (not really so long) last, I ding! So it's time to pick up that chain and see about obtaining that compulsory sixth quest.

Unfortunately, the quest is red. Some of the mobs are as low as 27, but many are 28, 29, and even 30. This forces me into Defensive Stance with my shield out. This is gonna be one tedious trudge. I hate both the original designers of this area, and the team in charge of rebalancing old-world content in Burning Crusade. How the hell could you let one quest out of six be skewed 6+ levels too high?! I'm hoping the other area to the East has more reasonable level values.

I ended up dropping it to level some. All of the Demolitionists are 30-31, and inside clusters of other Dark Irons. It annoys me to no end that the stupid ass level-penalty system even exists.
I out-damage every one of these Dark Irons, and I have more HP than most as well. But I get my ass handed me by auto-attacking AI Bots because MASSIVE hit, miss, parry, and dodge penalties get stacked against you that grow exponentially as the level gap widens.
So I'm gonna random, pray it's not Stocks, and do some Darkshire quests, which is just as bad, because I'm reaching the part where my only options are orange-level Worgen, Undead, and Ogres.

The leveling went well enough. I wrapped up my Lakeshire quests, including the two elite Orcs. Died a few times, but I usually took an elite out with me. Come to think of it, checking my statistics, I more than doubled my death count in between levels 24 and 28.

I hit up a random and got Gnomer. Smoothest Gnomer run I've had all WotLK.

Leveled some between Redridge and Gnomeregan, so I decided to give the Dark Irons another shot, and managed to complete that hellish pre-quest and pick up my last Stocks quest.

Stocks was green to me at this point, and my entire party was levels 21-23 while I was 27. Mixed feelings there, but I did manage to complete every quest! And better yet, I dinged 28 off the last mob in the entire dungeon. I Executed him as he ran and leveled right on the spot. I also managed to get another full level running in turning in the quests. I completed the Dark Iron stuff up at the Thandol Span, ran some booze to Southshore, and I think I've even kicked off the Missing Diplomat questline. But it's getting late and those all felt relatively minor, compared to the "Stockades Story Arc" I've had going on today. So I neglected the screenshots some. But here's the triumphant one:

Thanks for reading my first blog ever!

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